20 Recipes for Programming MVC 3: Faster, Smarter Web Development

20 Recipes for Programming MVC 3: Faster, Smarter Web Development
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These devs will listen to others and collaborate to arrive at optimal solutions. Passion for the craft. Also, technology changes rapidly. Being deadline-aware. Developing software is very expensive, and the bulk of expense is in developer salaries. Great devs are aware of time constraints and will make optimal choices contingent on deadlines.

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  • 20 Recipes for Programming MVC 3 - Jamie Munro - Google книги!
  • 20 Recipes for Programming MVC 3: Faster, Smarter Web Development.
  • 20 Recipes for Programming MVC 3: Faster, Smarter Web Development - Jamie Munro - Knihy Google.

Joel Spoelsky once wrote a great piece on Architecture Astronauts, which is the complete opposite of the deadline-aware developer. Comfortable reading and reusing code. Reading code is an acquired skill.

20 Recipes for Programming MVC 3: Faster, Smarter Web Development

Novice devs oftentimes want to write everything themselves. Great devs want to write as little code as possible and will save time by leveraging existing work. This drives down project cost. Great devs are comfortable working with tried and true tech stacks. It is important for. NET developers to be open to trying new features, methods and languages. We also appreciate when people are adaptable and receptive to fellow developers ideas and implementation techniques.

In our office, we encourage our programmers to have personal projects that allow them to continue experimenting and testing new approaches. The last thing anyone wants is to arrive at the end of a project and realize they missed a key feature. When looking for a developer, we look for someone who asks the correct questions at the beginning of a project to eliminate surprises in the end.

It is also critical to understand and remain aware of the time and resource constraints, these factors should determine the approach and development path. To be a good developer you also need to recognize the importance of your team. We value team players who share the credit and the spotlight with team members. We also ask our developers to work together, point each other in the right direction and share successes and failures with each other instead of just handing off code. NET development can be challenging even to the experts; we look for individuals who are open to a challenge as long as they can admit when they are in over their head.

To be successful, we are always seeking help and advice from other developers who have accomplished something similar to the project at hand. At Blue Compass we look for programmers who understand they do not need to be an expert in every area available, as long as they are not afraid to try new things. Last but certainly not least, it is important to find a. NET developer who is okay with failing or getting something wrong as long as they continue to motivate themselves and avoids becoming discouraged.

In our world, you need to be able to put code down for a while and circle back on it later or the next day with a fresh perspective. There are some menial and repetitive tasks that are a part of the job description.

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When applicable it is good for our developers to find new ways to automate repetitive tasks! The bonus trait we look for that sets.


About the Author Jamie has been developing websites personally and professionally for the past 15 years. About this product. Effective C Covers C 6. Dixon , Paul B. GB Key Features: This book focus heavily on how to use code samples. Most Buy It Now purchases are protected by the Consumer Rights Directive, which allow you to cancel the purchase within seven working days from the day you receive the item.

NET developers apart is someone who has good people skills. From an internal communication perspective developers often need to communicate effectively with coworkers outside of the development department including relaying project difficulties to project managers and management. There are also occasion that our developers need to communicate with the end user or client to accurately describe project limitations.

Some other qualities are also essential for a good. NET developer. In my tenure at Nascenia , I met some expert. I noticed that good.

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NET developers possess some traits in common which are as follows:. A sound foundation in. NET framework and any technology on top of it is a prerequisite of a good.

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He must have good command on C or VB. Experience is a very important quality of a good. NET developers should be able to quickly respond the changes and modifications of the application. It will save both time and money.

Sometimes a developer needs to start working on an existing application where the code quality may not be good. To improve the code quality, he should be able to restructure the code without changing the external behavior.

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20 Recipes for Programming MVC 3: Faster, Smarter Web Development [Jamie Munro] on zhestcountdisprestlec.ml *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. There's no need. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Jamie has been developing websites personally and Buy 20 Recipes for Programming MVC 3: Faster, Smarter Web Development: Read 5 Books Reviews - zhestcountdisprestlec.ml

A good developer is an expert in finding codes which are already available in different sources and use them. Thus he can save time. NET developer can test the essential part of the code. He knows well what to test. He tests only the essential part and does not waste time testing unnecessary codes. Trustworthiness is a quality of a good developer.

A good developer maintains the confidentiality of idea and code. To check trustworthiness, you can talk to the previous clients. His duties include annual operating plans, financial reporting, budgetary controls, banking, and contract management. NET is no exception. Developers who truly want to prepare for the future will develop their mobile application skills, including developing. NET applications for Windows Phone operating systems.

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NET developers who are looking to improve their frameworks and development speed may want to exp lore ASP. Client-side web knowledge will also help a developer tie in their application back-ends more effectively. When considering two similar candidates, hiring managers will almost always select the candidate that has advanced certifications. For a. IT Chimes is a well-established company providing development services and IT solutions to its clients across the globe. Being in the field of IT for more than 9 years now, the company has successfully executed over projects for its clients.

As the web programming is progressing ahead, the developer needs to boost this skill. This skill makes use of the open source web application framework. The developers can make beautiful web applications easily. He has the skill to make the best use of client-side web development technologies. A developer must have the most needed skill for creating highly creative, interactive and catchy web applications. This will not only increase his market value but also would help him much higher.

This becomes an additional quality in his portfolio. According to Robert Half Technology Guide, client-side web development technologies are one of the most looked for skills, which add approximately 6 percent financial benefit to the initial salary package. Being well versed in these is an added skill.


Despite the fact that Microsoft. NET makes use of several database successfully on its own but the knowledgeable developer in this area is must. The system exists but it requires the skill of the developer. And this is what is hunted for by the employer.