2/4 Cavalry Book 3: Another Day In Paradise (Military Scifi)

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This, it is revealed, is caused by regular nocturnal attacks by the Morlocks, dwellers in underground caves, who occasionally turn against their masters and literally devour them. The eventual achievement of this goal had led to a state of stagnation characterized by unimaginative and incurious contentment. With no work to do, humans also become physically weak and small in stature and intellectually disabled. It seemed to me that I had happened upon humanity upon the wane. I thought of the physical slightness of the [Eloi], their lack of intelligence, […] and it strengthened my belief in a perfect conquest of Nature.

For after the battle comes Quiet. Humanity had been strong, energetic and intelligent, and had used all its abundant vitality to alter the conditions under which it lived. This has ever been the fate of energy in security; it takes to art and eroticism, and then come languor and decay. Wells, [] As the world begins to grow dark, life on Earth comes to an end. I looked about me to see if traces of animal life remained.

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Beyond these lifeless sounds the world was silent. He recounts his experiences to his disbelieving friends, one of whom returns the following day to find that the Time Traveller had left again, this time taking a camera, presumably with the intention of collecting evidence for his claims.

Having witnessed the end of the Earth on his first trip but having omitted to check on the date of his own death, however, he does not return from his second foray into time. An equipment malfunction results in her arrival twenty years later than planned. As twenty-first century Oxford succumbs to a deadly influenza epidemic, Kivrin finds herself in England, the year of the arrival of the Black Death. While in the twenty-first century medical resources are eventually able to gain control over the flu bacterium, back in the fourteenth century Kivrin is powerless to do anything other than watch as an entire community succumbs to a disease which she knows in the future will be curable.

Jane Waterleigh wakes up in what appears to be a hospital, trapped in a gigantic body she knows is not her own, but with no memory of her past. As her memory gradually returns she recalls taking part in a scientific experiment using a drug thought to trigger alternative states of consciousness. As she gathers more information, she realizes that she has been propelled into the future, to a society consisting entirely of women, most of whom have never heard of men. In due course she meets a historian who gives her enough information to allow her to deduce that she is now living approximately one and a half centuries after her own time.

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She learns that shortly after the time of the experiment that led her to where she is now, a scientist, Dr. Perrigan, unintentionally created a virus that killed all the men in the world, leaving only women.

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2/4 Cavalry Book 3: Another Day In Paradise (Military Scifi) eBook: Eric Johnson, David Drake, Made In DNA, John Lambshead, John Treadaway, Maximillion. 2/4 Cavalry Book 6: Operation Morning Glory (Military Scifi) - Kindle edition by Eric Johnson, Deepti Lamba, Maximillion Deliver to your Kindle or other device .

After a period of chaos, famine and widespread social breakdown, the small number of women who at that point had attained an advanced level of education found mainly in the medical profession , had assumed control. Global social reconstruction leads to the formation of a Christian, four-tiered caste-based society: doctors, mothers, servitors and workers. Upon returning to her own time the narrator seeks out Dr.