Silk Cocoon Necklaces
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I used the size of the owl's face to determine how big the body should be. I spaced decreases so that the body would taper towards the feet and still be proportionately tall enough. I made the wings by starting off with one stitch and increasing on one side only.

100 Free Crochet Patterns That Are Perfect For Beginners

The Yarn:. Aspen is super soft and works up at about 2 stitches per inch.

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Drawstring: Cut two pieces of yarn each 4 yards long. Please do! Also super bulky yarn in size 15 needles make the correct gauge for me! Mine was 48 and looks correct. Do you have a crochet version or where maybe I could find a crochet version of something similar? Download to your computer; no shipping! One simple shape and a dramatic yarn create this warm and cozy cardi.

The large size of the stitches not only makes for a quick knit, but I liked that the look of the stitches added a bit more whimsy to the finished product. The Stitches:.

Grey flannel. Granite grey. Sweatshirt grey. Heavy cream.

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Select Quantity 2 in stock. We're sorry You entered a quantity that is more than what is available. It iscurrently available in 18 colors in a big ball size which is perfect for larger projects. Thank you to Red Heart for providing the yarn for this project!

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And if you want the blanket too, check out my Lemonade Throw. Tapestry Needle for weaving ends. And to store my crochet hooks, I love this case!

Round 1: With Color 1, ch47, dc in 4 th ch from hook, dc in each ch until one remains, 3dc in last ch; working along opposite side of beginning chain, dc in each st to end being sure to work one dc in the same ch as the first dc, join. Round 2: Ch1, turn, [Shell, skip 2] repeat between [ ] to end, join.

Round Join Color 2, ch1, sc in each st to end, join.

Round Working from wrong side, join Color 3, [sl st in next st, hdc in next st] repeat between [ ] to end, join. Rounds 45 to Ch1, turn, [sl st in next st, hdc in next st] repeat between [ ] to end, join. Drawstring: Cut two pieces of yarn each 4 yards long.

Cocoon Hanging Seat -Free Knit Pattern

Tie two colors together on each end. Have someone hold one end, while you hold the other end so that the yarn is stretched taught.

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Twist your end to one side until a tight rope develops you twist a lot! When the rope is wrapped tightly, grab the center of the rope and bring the two ends together.

Ladies' Cocoon Highland Alpaca

Let go of the center section and allow the rope to twist on itself, creating a neat evenly wound thicker roping you may have to coax it a bit to smooth out any kinks. Tie a decorative knot at each end, leaving about 1. Trim ends evenly.

Round 1: With Color 2, ch4, join with sl st in first ch to form a circle, ch3 counts as dc , 11 dc in center of circle, join. Round 2 mark this round as a right side round : Ch1, [sc, dc] in each st to end, join.