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It only takes a minute to sign up. Looking at the lichess database amateur games book I see that the more common responses are:. In the master games book there are only two games in this variation where the responses were I played The continuation in my game was:.

I then proceeded to castle Queen-side and took advantage of the open f column. The game went well but apparently my response to the "pawn push variation" was suboptimal. Can someone explain the ideas behind the more common responses and why As you noticed there are very few games in the database with this line.

The move 2. Basically it gives away the first move advantage and gives black an equal position for free. Generally, if your opponent plays an unusual move like this to which you don't see an immediate refutation, stay calm and make normal moves. Your opening repertoire or your preference for closed vs open positions might influence your decision on how to respond to it. If you are a King's Indian or Benoni player you could for instance transfer this to a main line King's Indian or Benoni.

Or just go for a fianchetto on g7 first, trying to take advantage of the weakened dark squares and don't fix your central pawns yet. If you don't mind unknown territory, But any other continuation such as I don't understand why you think that e5 was bad. The position you achieved seems quite normal to me.

Pawns Don't Equal Points In Sinquefield Rd. 3

Playing d4 and then d5 does not seem to be a great idea from White as it is only a pawn push and not develop any Piece. The White Pawn d5 is an ideal move in both the openings.

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The Game of Pawns is book #3 in a science fiction thriller series and it just keeps of Pawns" by Leonard D. Hilley II is the third book in his excellent Darkness. Buy The Game of Pawns: The Darkness Series: Volume 3 by Leonard D. Hilley II from Amazon's Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of.

So, for instance, Bg5 is now a much better move from white because of this. Also if white can arrange d6 and take control of the d6 square then you are completely lost. This was not even a remote possibility before your e5. Now it is something to worry about, a threat you have created against yourself. From this you can see that although your e5 move was bad white's 3 de was a shocker! He completely throws away the big advantage you gave him and after your reply he is even behind in development.

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Indian game pawn push variation Ask Question. How will I know? Or does it even matter? What if I'm renting a friends pawn and go offline? Usually I play a bit in the morning before work, but then I'll just put my Switch in sleep mode without saving. Is it okay to reconnect when I get back home and send the pawn back? Thanks for the help.

These are basic questions, and I hope I didn't ask too many; but again, I've never done this before. Lot of questions but I'll try answer for you People who hire your pawn can remove armor and such but you do not lose anything, so no need to worry.

Darkwar - Ceremony (Book 3) by Glen Cook - Audiobook

If the equipment is changed, it'll say your pawn's equipment has been changed and asks if you'd like to keep the changes, picking yes does not cause you to lose your original armor. It'll either be in your pawn's inventory or storage, I don't remember which. To properly return a pawn, go into a rift stone and talk to the pawn, you can dismiss them and give them a rating and a gift, however it won't be sent until you next rest to access the server.

If they are unconscious, you can revive them to half health, everything is the same.

White Dark-Squared Qside P Chains May Not Remain

The health bar above them works as a timer, if it runs out while they are unconscious they'll disappear, and their owner will get a default 3 star rating. Recommended is up to you, it doesn't affect the owner at all, you only have a copy of their pawn. I believe pawns can pick up different strategies from people, I may be wrong though. Inclinations are what you should look out for, I think you can check them somewhere in status.

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You can buy items from a merchant at the encampment that'll change your pawn's inclinations. Doesn't matter. If they don't want hires they'll be set to private.

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If you are online when sending them back it's fine. Hope I answered properly.

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More topics from this board Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? Be aware though that when you hire a pawn that is a higher level, there is an exp penalty that caps off at 25 levels above you. Conversely, if you hire pawns that are lower there is an exp bonus that again caps off at 25 levels below you. This is quite easy to avoid.

Save often, at least every time you enter a new area if the game doesn't for you. Once people have them B. This will override the default setting from the death. Sending pawns gifts. Also, you can't send any one person more than 10 gifts until they too have rested or the additional gifts will be lost. You can also equip them with new equipment at the same time as gifting them 10 items. How to tell who sent you what.

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When resting at an inn a screen will come up showing the list of hires. Some basic tips for getting your pawn hired more: 1. Don't send their pawns home in body bags see 2 above 2. Consider joining the pawn sharing club.

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Put your info in your signature! Many people post here looking for hires but don't include their Switch ID, etc, so no one responds. PS If you are having trouble finding a certain item or piece of equipment there is also a great item trading thread on this board.