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Roundtrip One-way. Search flights. East Asia. You can apply for a US visa from other countries depending on Chinese embassy's policy or you can get a visa that is valid for 10 years online. Japan Visa. Central Asia. Southeast Asia. China Visa. South Asia. Schengen States. FREE VISA : US Passport holders can enter any Schengen state for 90 days on a day period and can freely travel in this area without obtaining new visa unless the visa is expire or the visa time is all consumed.

Czech Republic.


Central Africa. Mozambique Visa. East Africa. North Africa. Malawi Visa. South Africa.

Visa requirements for Japanese citizens - Wikipedia

West Africa. UK citizens have the right to free movement. Australian, Canadian, UK and American citizens can stay visa free for 90 days, within a day period. Australian, Canadian and UK citizens can stay visa free for 90 days, within a day period. Americans can stay visa free for up to 1 year.

3. Fiji - Under the Trees, Against the Beach

Note that you may be required to provide documentation stating the purpose of your trip. You will need to show proof of sufficient funds for your stay, proof of onward travel and 6 months validity left in your passport. Canadian, UK and American citizens can stay visa free for 90 days, within a day period. Australians must obtain a visa on arrival and can only stay 15 days.

From the off-track, nomadic Central Asian countries to the ancient history and culture of Northern Asia, and the beaches and jungles of the South, this is one exiting region of the world. You could spend years travelling in Asia and not see it all. Here are the top visa free countries in Asia to put down some temporary roots, or travel around. The Philippines has a lot to offer travellers, in fact, there are over 7, islands that make up the archipelago. The Philippines beaches are incredible.

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Bermuda requires passports to be valid for at least 45 days upon entry. Flights : approx INR 29, , plan months in advance. Costa Rica. Located gracefully on the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean, the Republic of Sierra Leone showcases diverse climatic conditions and a plethora of tourist attractions. It is known for being the pioneers of the concept of Gross National Happiness Index.

However, visa exempt foreign nationals can extend their stay monthly, but not exceeding the maximum period of two years. After 2 years, you need to leave the country, but you can return. Three months not enough time in Malaysia?

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You can do a border run to Thailand or Singapore , spend a night, an re-enter into Malaysia. If you time your visit right, you can experience the cherry blossoms or the brilliant autumn colours. UK passport holders are granted 90 days , plus, the option to extend for another 90 days in-country.

You might also be asked to show proof of onward travel. Another pricey destination in Asia, with many budget travellers just spending a couple of nights here and moving on. Chinatown, Little India , Sentosa Island and the parks and reservoirs should also be on your list of places to visit in Singapore. If you plan to stay longer than 30 days, you must register with the Mongolia Immigration Agency in Ulaanbaatar within the first week.

Canadians are granted 30 days visa free in Mongolia, while UK and Australian citizens must apply for a visa beforehand. Spend the day hiking in South Korea , followed by a dip in one of the hot springs.

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Oh, and also devour kimchi , lots of kimchi. There are numerous places to visit in Seoul to keep you busy for days. Australian, UK and American citizens are grated 90 days. This beautiful destination is for those interested in outdoors and culture. Cycle, hike and road trip your way through the mountains, volcanoes or alongside the Pacific Ocean.

Grab some Chinese food and a craft beer and get to know the friendly locals. People from Canada and the UK may extend their stay up to days. Passports must be valid for at least 6 months, except for American passport holders who only need to have a valid passport for the duration of their stay. Click here for more. For travellers, these are amazing destinations to visit as well.

American, UK, Canadian and Australian citizens are granted 30 days on arrival by air, 14 days by land. You can extend your stay for a further 30 days in-country, before having to leave.

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American, UK, Canadian and Australian citizens are granted 30 days on arrival. After 60 days, you must leave the country, before returning if you choose to. After a couple of weeks, we extended our visas in-country for a further 30 days total of 60 days. Once that 60 days was up, we did a border run on a return flight to Malaysia and were granted 30 days on arrival when we returned to Indonesia. Citizens of the UK are granted 15 days visa free on arrival. You must then leave for 30 days before returning for another 15 days.

Visa requirements for Japanese citizens

You must arrive directly to the island. Other than that, you must obtain a visa beforehand. This little country on the island of Borneo allows citizens of the UK and the United States visa free entry for 90 days , while Canadians are granted 14 days. This is an adventurers playground with camping, fishing, trekking and off track places at your fingertips. Each country has its own culture, cuisine and customs, and are all worthy of a visit.

Visa Free Countries

Definitely a top choice for visa free countries in South America. Hike to ancient ruins in the jungle the Ciudad Perdida , scuba dive in crystal clear water, wander through pretty villages, learn about coffee production and create lifelong friendships with the locals. Many Digital Nomads choose to base themselves in Medellin , which offers loads of amenities. Straddling the equator, this country offers travellers a very diverse trip. In fact, Ecuador is actually a top destination among foreign retirees and Digital Nomads.

Not to mention, the food is tasty, especially the seafood! Argentina is an incredibly diverse country. Just be prepared to eat dinner late — around pm at the very earliest. We lived in Buenos Aires for a month , and had mixed feelings about it. But, we fully enjoyed our travels around the rest of Argentina and highly recommend this country. The reciprocity fee for Canadians has been removed.

What is Visa-Free Travel? How do you do it?

World Without Visa [Jean Malaquais, Peter Grant] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. World without visa. Jean Malaquais. The most famous novel of libertarian communist author Jean Malaquais, set in Marseille under Vichy.